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Economic Development

Helping young people and adults develop the skills they need to lead more productive, peaceful, and self-sufficient lives is a core part of CoDHNet’s work. We collaborate with key people from local communities to co-create training programs that meet the specific skill requirements of each community.

Our training programs have an important, practical role to play in our humanitarian and development work.

This includes:

  • Helping vulnerable people improve their livelihoods or gain a new livelihood
  • To promote sustainable agricultural/livestock production technologies ensuring improved food security and reduction of food aid dependency level in Somalia
  • Promoting disaster risk reduction strategies at the community level
  • Encouraging good hygiene and sanitation practices for improved community health
  • To improve the socio-economic status of both rural and urban communities in south/ central Somalia by supporting various basic social and economic services
  • Promoting sustainable natural resource management to better protect livelihoods like pastoralism

1. Technical Support

 Community Development and Humanitarian Network (CoDHNet), we value the power of empowerment in providing technical know-how and transfer of Technology. In order to defeat poverty, mulnitrution status, Small scale technology farming economic development programs are needed to stimulate the local economy. For example the provision of technical and marketing support to the local farmers with corporate farming will not only improve food security in the region but will also create income generation and will improve the livelihoods of millions of Somalis. Currently, Community Development and Humanitarian Network (CoDHNet) provides small scale technical support such as; Multi Story Gardens, farming kitchen preparations and seeds supply to the poor IDPs.

2. Small Shops

Community Development and Humanitarian Network (CoDHNet) provides financial, marketing and technical support to help poor families in starting up gainful small business such as; small shops, Beauty Salon, tie and dye, Mobile repair, electricity installation, carpentry and Plumbing. This is typical small scale income generation programs intended to stimulate the local economy, improve livelihoods and fight poverty. These programs have already benefited hundreds of poor families who now have income of their own and their livelihoods have improved this project funded by WFP Somalia.