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The History of CoDHNet

The Community Development and Humanitarian Network (CoDHNet) is a local Non-Governmental, non-profit making Organization. The initiative for the formation of Community Development and Humanitarian Network has been started with inspirations of individuals from diverse professional backgrounds including WASH, Health, Nutrition, Livelihood, Food Security/Agriculture, Livestock, Education, Protection, environment and other fields of social sciences and political economics from humanitarian sector, education and research institutions who has been committed to contribute humanitarian relief, good governance and development for the people in Horn of Africa. Initially, a small group comprises of 5 people (2 male and 3 female) joined their first meeting in May 2013. However, the impact of the 1992 famine compounding with the continuing excessive destruction of both public and private infrastructures due to the lawlessness and chaos resulted by civil war started in Somalia immediately when the former regime collapsed on January 1990. Therefore, the formation of Community Development and Humanitarian Network (CoDHNet) becomes necessary to provide initial emergency humanitarian assistance and developments to the people in Somalia.

Community Development and Humanitarian Network (CoDHNet) is under the management of five members of the Board of Directors consisting two male and three female. The organization’s daily management team consisting program, Finace, Management and the Executive Director, who is in charge of the management team.

The Identity of CoDHNet

Community Development and Humanitarian Network (CoDHNet) is a national non-profit making and non-governmental organization founded in January 2011 and subsequently registered under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia through under Article 22, Para 1, 2, 3; Article 26 and Article 67 Para3 of the transitional federal charter of Somalia in 2004, as well as the Article 7, Article 26 and Article 32 of the first constitution of Somalia in 1960. Therefore, CoDHNet is a legally registered NGO in Somalia Federal Government, Juba land State, South West State, Banadir Region, as well as District and Regional level registered. In addition to that CoDHNet is an eligible partner with UN OCHA through Somalia Humanitarian Fund (SHF). CoDHNet has also registered under the NGOs coordination act of Kenya through NGOs Coordination Bureau of Kenya.

Our Vision

  • A Peaceful, prosperous, well governed and empowered community

Our Mission

    • To promote peace and sustainable development among (agro) Pastoralist and urban communities in Horn of Africa to achieve human rights, humanitarian services through provision and equitable socio-economic empowerment that promote justice and advocacy.

      • Objectives

        • To increase access to education at all levels including Non-formal, particularly encouraging girls to go to school

        • To improve protection and the rights among vulnerable people including IDPs and Refugee

        • To increase access to public health care service among vulnerable poor households at both urban and rural areas in Somalia

        • To promote sustainable and low cost WASH interventions at both rural and urban settlements

        • To promote sustainable agricultural/livestock production technologies ensuring improved food security and reduction of food aid dependency level in Somalia

        • To promote good governance and gender equitability with special focus on women/girls empowerment and eliminations of all forms of violence against women including FGM, rape, domestic violence, etc

        • To promote sustainable community based natural resource management and integrated livelihood diversification to improve the long term resilience of the community

        Strategic Goal

        • To contribute to the realization of lasting peace and human development and effectively improve the poverty stricken communities that our intervention targets and enhance their resilience in the coming years 2021 - 2025 through efficacy with programs that can ameliorate their current status through to emergency, recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction/development related activities.


        • “Helping people help themselves”

  • Core Values

    These values aim to ensure justice, equity, ambition and professionalism while encouraging communication and consultation.

    We envision CoDHNet as an institution characterised by the following values: -
    • Equality: we believe that the lives of all human beings are of equal value.

    • Respect: Humility in the course of work and respect for diverse views. Thus we affirm the dignity, potential and contribution of participants, donors, partners, staff and volunteers

    • Integrity: We act constantly with our mission, being honest and transparent in what we do

    • Partnerships: We work together effectively to serve the larger communities

    • Commitment: We are dedicated to offer quality service to the communities with whom we work with a view to make better their living conditions.

    • Professionalism that adds value to the challenges of redefining human security and peace-building by building a knowledge base of lessons that can be shared across class, and gender divides.

    • Accountability at all levels for the effectiveness of our actions, open in judgments and communication to our stakeholders through their ownership of and involvement in the work of the organization.

    • Promoting transparency, openness, freedom of expression and social responsibility. In all it dealings and operations, CoDHNet shall be answerable to its stakeholders.

    • Empowerment, Equality of opportunity and Feminist principles in the conceptualization and implementation of our programs.

    • Gender Equity: to ensuring gender parity and equity and actively engages in efforts towards women empowerment.

    Quick Contacts

    Community Development & Humanitarian Network
    P.O. Box 6335 - 00610 Nairobi
    MOB 1: +254 728 848 494
    MOB 2: +252 615 581 669
    EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    About Us

    The programme encompasses emergency response operations as well as and early recovery and development approaches. CoDHNet programme is implemented and monitored through presence of our staff based inside Somalia

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