Community Development and Humanitarian Network (CoDHNet) believes that promoting education is one of the most important means to overcome and fight ignorance and poverty, with this in mind, CoDHNet Organization continues to renovate old and abandoned schools, build new schools and operate and manage schools, cultural centers and institutions. Because of our work, tens of thousands of children are able to attend these schools in various regions of Somalia.

With the awareness that Education is the utmost tool to fight against ignorance, economic backwardness  and social issues. While at the same time enhancing capacity building and producing qualified human resources. Community Development and Humanitarian Network (CoDHNet)  cooperates with the target communities in the building of schools, Educational and cultural centers and institution. Already CoDHNet succeeded to build a number of schools and Educational institutions in the various provinces of Somalia

Objectives in Education

  • Build and rehabilitate temporary as well as permanent primary schools in the target areas.
  • Increase access to primary education as well as curriculum improvement.
  • Provision of salary to the teachers for sustainable purposes.
  • Provide trainings on GBV and human rights to the teachers as well as stakeholders such parents.
  • Increase access to water in the schools.
  • Increase quality of hygiene and sanitation at schools by building latrines and providing water

Improving Access To Basic Education

Community Development and Humanitarian Network (CoDHNet) improves access to education by taking part in the extensive establishment of infrastructure including building temporary schools and latrines; and Provide furniture for the temporary schools and distribute didactical materials. The furniture’s distributed to the schools include blackboards, mats for sitting on, school bells, note books and pens for teachers and the deductible materials which are given to the most vulnerable children, they include pens, note books and basic books. Other activities include: Recruitment of teachers and educators

Advocacy and Capacity Building

Community Development and Humanitarian Network (CoDHNet) conducts advocacy and capacity building trainings and campaigns to the teachers, students, Community Education committees and the community at large. These include: Training teachers on Education, the rights of women and children, child protection, , SGBV, health, hygiene, sanitation and peace promotion; Awareness raising for the students and the community on Education, the rights of children and women,, SGBV, health, hygiene and sanitation, peace promotion in the constructed schools, and trainings the Community Education Committee on record keeping, school management and disaster risk preparedness and response. It’s a comprehensive approach but unfortunately not a lot of donors are willing to fund education sector in Somalia as they think there are more priorities such as livelihoods.

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Community Development & Humanitarian Network
P.O. Box 6335 - 00610 Nairobi
MOB 1: +254 728 848 494
MOB 2: +252 615 581 669
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About Us

The programme encompasses emergency response operations as well as and early recovery and development approaches. CoDHNet programme is implemented and monitored through presence of our staff based inside Somalia

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