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Managenent and Organization

Organizational Structure

CoDHNet recognizes the importance of a dynamic organizational structure and has therefore enacted mechanisms for the establishment of an organ-gram with clear lines of authority and responsibility. CoDHNet has also established and adopted various organizational policies, systems and procedures to ensure effective organization, coordination, control, delegation and involvement in decision-making. These also ensure both upward and downward accountability.

General Assembly (GA):

The General Assembly is the supreme decision making authority of the initiatives and provides resolutions on the general policy, planning and implementation strategies of the Initiatives. The General Assembly approves the constitution and elects the Board of Directors to hold office for three years term.

Board of Directors

The CoDHNet is Womaen-Lead organization. The Board of Directors comprises of Five (5) members with three female elected by the general assembly for three (3) years term of the office but eligible for unlimited re-election. The board of directors is responsible to provide the overall leadership of the organization as per the powers and duties vested by the constitution of CoDHNet.

The Management

The management comprises of recruited seven (7) professional staff chaired by the Executive Director. The management is responsible to carry out the day to day organizational factions to meet its mandate.