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Our Objective: This is to promote values of democratic governance, human rights and peace building.


  • By 2030, the share of global poor living in fragile and conflict-affected situations is projected to reach 46%.
  • Conflicts drive 80% of all humanitarian needs.
  • In Somalia 1.8 million people (16%) of the total population have been displaced by conflicts

CoDHNet directly works with and involves the local community in peacebuilding, conflict mitigation, early warning responses, peace forums, reconciliation, intra and inter community dialogue, healing and justice. The main aim is to promote the knowledge skills and attitudes that will help people either to prevent the occurrence of conflict, resolve conflicts peacefully, or create social conditions conducive to peace.to reduce pressures generated by resource-based and Political and inter clan based conflicts in Somalia.

Core values of nonviolence and social justice are central to peace education in Somalia. Nonviolence is manifested through values such as respect for human rights, freedom and trust. Social justice is realized by principles of equality, responsibility, and solidarity.

CoDHNet has undertaken peace forums in Mogadishu and Gedo,South Central regions of Somalia and North Eastern Kenya (Somali inhabited area) and has established strategic links with like-minded organisations. Peace projects and forums aims to contribute to creating conditions for durable peace and secure livelihoods among communities and strengthen cross border linkages between the communities
Across Somalia CoDHNet has also organised peace week festivals to celebrate signing of community accords, doing inter and intra dialogues among communities among other initiatives.

Promotion of good governance and advocacy

Participation in governance/democratization processes, access to justice, civic and voter education processes, fostering social/cultural change, human rights education. The main focus here is the full participation of women, children, agro pastoralists, youth in all mainstream community activities vulnerable and marginalized people so that the voiceless can be heard.

Soccer tournament

CoDHNet provides an opportunity of a soccer tournament  for young boys and girls to realise and enhance their sporting and cultural talents, using it as a tool for community mobilization and awareness of health, education, peace and nonviolence. Starting in 2015, the tournament has attracted teams of different age groups and from different gender,political and religious backgrounds. It has gained a highly accepted status in the community, becoming an annual event with community teams participating every year.

Women and youth leadership development:

CoDHNet aims to develop the leadership skills of women, at risk youth and children to access education and life skills,enabling them to become ambassadors and agents of change in their communities.