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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Water resources are common reasons behind most of the conflicts and wars among human beings. The old wars among the pastoral tribes were over water. As studies have shown that conflicts over water between nations may occur in the near future. Somalia is suffering from a severe crisis in the water, where the majority of people in the villages and cities do not have enough access to water and Somalia is among the African countries most affected by the water in spite of the sing in the stocks of water.

Proceeding from this CoDHNet has given great importance in this area to ensure water for tens of thousands of thirsty populations and their livestock

CoDHNet works in this area in the following Fields

  1. Digging wells, both surface (with and without a pump)
  2. Drilling of artesian wells and processing equipment required
  3. Repair and rehabilitation of artesian wells
  4. Construction of new wells

Drilling Wells

  1. Water and Sanitation
  2. CoDHNet works to improve availability of safe drinking water in the following ways:
  3. Provide artesian wells and required processing equipment
  4. Rehabilitation and restore artesian wells with new repairs
  5. Surface drilling wells and installations of hand pumps
  6. Conduct supply campaigns in water distribution tankers to the affected areas

Drilling New and Rehabilitating Old water Wells

Somalia is suffering from recurring severe droughts. The majority of people in the villages and cities do not have enough access to water. Somalia is among the African countries most affected by the drought. It is estimated that 70%of the Somali population live pastorally, dependent on their livestock .with dwindling water resources, their livestock are dying and they can’t survive. Conflicts over scarce water resources have escalated to violence.

CoDHNet Organization understands the importance of safe drinking water for both people who live in cities and villages as well as livestock in remote rural areas. CoDHNet was able to drill new wells and rehabilitated a number of artesian water wells

Safe Drinking Water

In Somalia, The existing scarcity of water sources poses an imminent threat to the health care of millions of Somalis, particularly to the survival of children under five.

CoDHNet in collaboration with other NGOs and local communities is planned to drill a number of sustainable water wells, open surface wells and rehabilitated old boreholes in Banadir,Hiraan,Gedo,lower  and middle shabelle, Lower and Middle Juba regions of Somalia this will benefit recurring populations over one million each year, CoDHNet Organization  also supplies and distributes safe drinking water-tanks to affected populations in the cities and rural areas including IDPs

Hygiene Promotion

Since 2016, CoDHNet conducted various Hygiene promotion activities including Hygeien Promotion Trainings (Hand washing), distribution of hygiene supply kits and community mobilization/awareness compaigns in Somalia